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OL InterChange mailserver

Office-Logic InterChange er en effektiv og funksjonsrik mailserver som gir bedriften full kontroll over mailsystemet. Brukere kan betjene mailboksene med flere typer mail-klienter, f. eks. POP, IMAP, WEB og WAP. Office-Logic InterChange inneholder også effektiv beskyttelse mot virus- og SPAM, bl. a. ved bruk av såkalt grey-list. En WEB- og WAP-basert planlegger er også inkludert.


Beskrivelse (engelsk)

Office-Logic InterChange is a single solution, high-powered e-mail server based on open Internet standards. Office-Logic InterChange protects your users, workstations and servers from malicious Virus and SPAM attacks. SPAM or Virus infected messages are identified and managed by Office-Logic InterChange before your users have access to them, reducing the risks of infecting your environment.
Office-Logic InterChange offers incredible flexibility for remote access, reducing remote e-mail costs and simplifying e-mail management. Users can access their e-mail and calendars from anywhere using a standard web browser or WAP (Wireless) device. Office-Logic InterChange also allows remote e-mail access using any client that supports the POP3 protocol. No matter where you are, you're in touch.

Mail Server  /  WebMail Interface and Wireless (WAP) Mail Access

  • SMTP direct smart mailer or relay to a different SMTP server
  • Full real-time access to your e-mail through an intuitive web based interface
  • Full real-time access to your e-mail through any WAP (wireless) device

WebScheduler Interface and  Wireless (WAP) Scheduler Access

  • Personal & Group scheduling through any easy-to-use web based interface
  • Create personal, group, or recurring appointments easily
  • Overlay multiple calendars on top of your personal schedule
  • Allow others to easily switch to your calendar to add appointments
  • Full real-time access to your calendar(s) through any WAP (wireless) device

SPAM Filtering and Virus Scanner

  • Block SPAM before it reaches your users mailboxes
  • Includes extensive "White listing" capabilities as well as a "Grey List" feature.
  • Automatically checks and updates new virus definitions every 23 hours
  • Quarantine viruses (configurable)
  • Send virus alert notifications to an administrator (configurable)
  • Automatically remove virus attachment and send original message to the end user (configurable)

Attachment Filtering
o Specify which attachment extensions to filter
o Send attachment alert notifications to an administrator (configurable)
o Quarantine attachments (configurable)
Inbound and Outbound Message Archiving
Rules Engine

o Users can easily create rules to help them maintain their mailboxes
o Create GLOBAL rules that apply to everyone
Discussion List Server
o Create discussion lists to easily share information with groups
o Configure lists that allow users to Subscribe or Unsubscribe themselves from discussion lists
o Configure lists that the administrator controls which users have access
o Allow subscribers to submit messages to the list or limit who is allowed to post messages
POP3 Server
o Allow remote access using any POP3 e-mail client
IMAP4 Server
o Allow remote access using any IMAP4 e-mail client
IMAP4 Pass-thru Server
o Automatically allows access to defined external IMAP4 servers
Shared POP3 Client
o Allows you to host mail for other domains
Intruder Lockout Detection
o Protects against unauthorized remote access to users mailboxes
o Intruder Lockout Notifications sent to an administrator
o Administrator can remotely release the lockout from the notification message
Remote Access Rights
o Configure remote access capabilities on a per user basis
Multiple Domain Support
Pocket PC device sync agent available
o Office-Logic InterChange has a link to download a PocketPC sync agent (Web Access Agent Sync Uplink Program). The link is on the "Option" page of both the WebMail and the WebScheduler. It is designed to be downloaded directly to the PocketPC device by using the device's Internet Explorer and installing it. No additional software is required on the desktop PC.
o After clicking on the link and installing it to the PocketPC device, you will run the Wizard to set the options. Once that is done, run the app. It will show in the tool tray area where you can select it to re-set options, "Sync now", etc. Contact Support if you need additional information.The WAASUP (Web Access Agent Sync Uplink Program) Agent is priced at $40USD after the initial 30-day trial.
Palm OS device sync server
o Allows users to synchronize calendars using any device that supports the Palm OS
Run as a service
SSL Encryption

o SSL encryption for sending/receiving internet mail
o SSL encryption for remote access through the web interface
o Can be configured to Force SSL connections
SFT support
System Fault Tolerance capabilities built in
Quota on a "per-user" basis
o Administrator can specify a "system" quota for disk usage and then override the value (up or down) for any particular user(s).